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As leaders, we believe in supporting you and helping you achieve the success you’re looking for. We understand that success looks different to everyone. Whether you want to continue working as an employee, transition to booth rent, become an independent educator, educate within a specific brand, work in management; the sky is the limit here! We believe that leadership is about putting our energy and efforts into the people who show us they want to be here and believe in our company culture. We believe in and build up those who do the same for us. We believe in making that will benefit the company and team as a whole. Our goal is to build a team who shows up every day with commitment, grace, and passion. We believe in creating a friendly, non-pretentious, relaxed atmosphere. We continually educate ourselves in order to grow into the best possible leaders. We love this industry and are so excited for the future!

Love, Amber & Jess

Our Team

At Amber Renè Salon we are more than just co-workers, we are family. We value teamwork and long lasting relationships. “A team is only as strong as its weakest player.” We believe that each member of our team brings value to our salon and we firmly have confidence that when we work together and use each other’s strengths, it makes us the very best. We strive to build meaningful connections with our guests. We value hard work and expect nothing less. Our supportive and adaptive culture utilizes great communication, kindness and loyalty.


We are a culture of growth. We value participation, passion and endless curiosity. We believe that there is always learning and opportunity available. We want our team to desire greatness and be willing to work towards their dreams. We understand the importance of setting goals often. We value being a self starter. We have structure and a welcoming workplace where we enhance our team members’ individual strengths and help inspire them to achieve great success.


Our salon is more than just a business. At Amber Renè our success is your success. With strong core values, we pour love and integrity into everything we do. We understand our business must provide financial success to our team members. We require high performance and 100% guest satisfaction which allows us to have competitive prices and endless financial growth for our stylists. Our reputation means everything to us and we are constantly striving to be better than our best in all that we do.


As artists, we are always perfecting our craft. We are lifelong learners and are thirsty for more knowledge. We believe in daily coaching from peers along with quarterly formal training. Each team member ranging in age, skill, and background have unique strengths they contribute to the salon. We firmly believe that knowledge is power. Growth equals more opportunity in both personal and financial success.

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